Why is Food Delivery Getting Popular Nowadays?

Did you know that in 2020, 5.5 million Australians ordered home-delivery meals online? In the last two years, ordering food online has rapidly increased because we are all short on time and need a quick fix for healthy and fresh meals.

With our daily schedules getting busier daily, the demand for convenience has risen significantly, making home-delivery meals popular. The latest research has found that food delivery is a major trend across countries and is used by almost everyone across all demographics.

Frost and Sullivan 2018 estimated that the global food delivery service generated at least $82 billion in gross revenue.

This number is expected to double by 2025. Ordering home delivery meals gained maximum momentum during the COVID lockdown, which continues two years later, with the numbers increasing rapidly.

So, why do people prefer to order their meals online so often these days? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Home Delivery Meals Are So Popular Among Customers

Healthy and Fresh Meals for Busy People

Research has found that most customers do not have the time to cook healthy fresh meals every day due to long hours at work or school.

Additionally, more than half of the people with access to the internet and meal delivery services have no interest in cooking at home yet prefer to consume healthy meals.

The meal prep is the hardest part for them, and they like to stick to a diet with the help of customised meal plans delivered to their doors.

Myriad Food Options

The one undeniable benefit of ordering ready-to-eat home-delivery meals is the myriad of food options. The dishes are categorised according to cuisines, diets, calorie control meals, and customised meals for muscle gain. So, all you have to do is subscribe to a meal plan that fits your fitness goals and relish tasty meals from varied cuisines. Whether you love beef lasagne or creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, you get everything under one menu.

Convenience With A Click

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of home food delivery is convenience. With a few clicks, hundreds of people can access ready-made healthy meals. You can now order single meals or meal bundles delivered directly to your home using your smartphone. 

Customised Meals

A balanced diet is necessary for all, especially if you have specific fitness goals. People on regulated diets like keto do not have the luxury of ordering just about any food items from restaurants. They will have to follow a strict regimen and stick to keto-customised meals to maintain consistency and reap the benefits of this diet.

Many home delivery meal apps allow patrons to customise their food orders according to their body and diet goals. You can make this customisation for a single meal packet or opt for a meal bundle made specifically for that health concern. You must subscribe to the right meal bundle if you want weight-loss meals delivered to your home or workplace. This order can be a one-time thing or a weekly or monthly plan.

Subscribing to a meal plan saves you money and time and ensures you get timely meals to meet your fitness goals.

In Conclusion,

Food delivery services are growing rapidly and showing no signs of going down anytime soon. The COVID-19 pandemic was a reality check for many, prompting people to look after their health.

A big part of achieving that goal is eating three balanced meals daily. However, as mentioned before, with long workdays and busy schedules, we often do not have the time to cook fresh food. The meal prep is another story altogether.

The willingness to follow a healthy diet, along with accessibility to myriad food delivery options, has worked as a catalyst in cementing the success of food delivery apps.

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