Vein and Venia Problems

Varicose and spiders can be an unpleasant medical condition deemed and often painful that affects millions of women and men. Veins Varices develop when blood vessel walls weaken and create abnormal blood flow. Genetics is the main cause of veins and spider veins; However, all conditions or activities that put pressure on blood vessels such as weight gain, sit or stand for a long period of time or pregnancy can contribute to its development.

Laser Vein Varicose Surgery Care
Laser Vein Treatments Laser titled Evlt Treatments which utilize endovenous laser treatment technology (EVLT). EVLT care is covered by most health insurance plans and allows women and men of all ages to eliminate sick, pulsating, and unpleasant veins seen without conventional venous operations such as vein veins veins. Treatment is fast and easy, and does not require a long recovery.

Patient satisfaction with high EVLT treatment. This treatment can be done based on outpatient under local anesthesia and has the following advantages:

Very good aesthetic results
Short procedure time
A little downtime
Very uncomfortable
What kind of vein can be treated with EVLT laser care?
This is a greater treatment for Saphenous veins. This main superficial vein when incompetent is responsible for the development of most varicose veins. EVLT is an effective alternative to stripping traditional surgical from a larger saphenous vein.

More often asked questions …..

Do all my blood vessels disappear?
Veins The most moderate varicose for weight is usually caused by venous reflux of the saphenous vein. You have two Saphenous veins on each leg: big and smaller. Venous reflux is when blood flows back towards your feet, not towards your heart in a place that should flow. The result is a combination of blood in your lower limb, increasing pressure and making veins stand out and frame. Venous reflux is a medical condition that can lead to pain, swelling and ulcers open at the legs and feet of tired and “heavy” feelings. Smaller veins can be corrected with sclerotherapy for the purposes of improving cosmetics.

Who are candidates for Laser Vein care?
Giving you is a candidate for treatment, medical technicians will arrange completely non-invasive ultrasound mapping that will be carried out in the office. Ultrasonography will show the Saphenous vein that affects and provides a ” map ‘for a doctor on the day of treatment.

What is the treatment?
On the day of your venous laser treatment, local anesthesia will be applied to the length of the vein to make the treatment hardly hurt. With the help of ultrasonographic technology, thin laser fibers will be threaded through a very small entry point, usually near the knee. After being included, the targeted laser energy will be sent to the Saphenous vein wall, close the vein so that the blood can be transferred again. Maintenance takes around 1-3 hours and normal daily activities can be continued immediately after treatment with a little without discomfort. Treatment time can be under 1 hour, conducted in the outpatient arrangement.

Is insurance cover EVLT?
Most health insurance plans include the cost of appointment of ultrasonographic mapping and most of the costs of the necessary endovenous laser maintenance. The amount of coverage depends on your health care policy. However, insurance will not cover any costs associated with sclerotherapy for cosmetic improvements. You might need to talk to your insurance company to make sure you have been approved before.

What happens after treatment?
You will be able to return to your normal routine. Running is recommended for 3-4 days ahead. The processed feet might feel a little tender and you might experience bruising and feeling tight. Every inconvenience must be reduced in just a few days. Daytime compression hose recommended for two weeks.

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