Useful Tips To Help You Deal With Chlamydia

There are many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) you can contract, and a common one globally is Chlamydia. It is a relatively easy STD to catch, especially if you do not use prot4ction having sex, but you do not have to have penetrative sex to contract it. If you think you may have caught this STD, there are some warning signs to look for, and you can find some of these below and how you can treat the disease. The good news is that you can clear it up quickly with modern medicine and get back to living your life once again, although you may want to be more careful in the future.

What Is Chlamydia

As mentioned above, Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease, and it is caused by bacteria called Chlamydia Trachomatis. The easiest way to catch his disease is through unprotected sex, but you do not have to have penetrative sex to contract it. If left untreated, it can cause problems, including infertility and reactive arthritis, so if you have this STD, you will want to get it treated.

Different Ways You Cat Get Chlamydia

There are a few ways you can catch Chlamydia, and the obvious one is having unprotected sex with someone who already has it. However, you can also contract it from using sex toys that are not clean, and you can also catch it from coming into contact with an infected person’s genital fluid. When genitals come in contact without penetration, and one person has Chlamydia, the other is also at risk of contracting it.

Symptoms You May Have Chlamydia

There are symptoms you want to look for that may mean you have Chlamydia, and these are as follows:

  • Discomfort while urinating
  • Pain when having sexual intercourse
  • A Sore Throat
  • A discharge from the penis
  • Painful anal discharge
  • Vaginal discharge either white or yellow which smells
  • A painful lower stomach
  • Swollen or tender testicles
  • Bleeding after sex in between periods

When you experience any of the above symptoms or multiple symptoms, you will want to visit your doctor and get some Chlamydia antibiotics.

Getting A Prescription From Your Doctor

When you visit your doctor, they can prescribe antibiotics to you that will clear up the condition quickly, and there are a couple of options available. There are two main antibiotics that your doctor can prescribe, which are as follows:

Azithromycin Tablets: Azithromycin tablets you take over three days, and on the first day, you will take two 500mg tablets, and on the second and third days, you will take only one 500mg tablet.

Doxycycline Tablets: Doxycycline tablets are taken over one week, and you will need to take one tablet twice a day over seven days. It is the most effective treatment and can clear up the condition once you finish the medication.

Your doctor will choose the best course of treatment for you and go through any of the potential side effects of the treatments, and you can find out more about these by clicking here. Follow your doctor’s orders, and your Chlamydia will soon go away, so you can learn from your mistakes and take the correct precautions when having sex in the future.

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