Skin Whitening via Pico Laser: How It’s Done

The color of your skin is a part of who you are. Although ideal skin color varies from culture to culture, almost everyone believes that a flawless, evenly toned complexion is attractive. Because of this, pigmentation is a very serious aesthetic issue. But as the need for treating pigmentation has grown, both in Singapore and elsewhere, new treatment approaches have emerged to meet it. Recent developments such as Pico skin whitening lasers have led to a rise in the use of laser treatments for pigmentation issues. Let’s go further into Pico Laser therapy in Singapore by first reviewing what we know about pigmentation.

What Is Skin Pigmentation?

Melanin is the skin pigment that determines how light or dark our skin is. Skin has specialized cells called melanocytes that create this pigment. This melanin is subsequently distributed to additional skin cells, resulting in a consistent skin color across the body. Melanocytes are responsible for producing melanin, but their normal activity may be disrupted by factors including UV radiation and hormone imbalances, which can lead to an excess of melanin production. This causes hyperpigmentation, which may be unsightly on the skin.

Conditions including melasma, age spots, sun spots, and post-acne hyperpigmentation sometimes manifest as areas of abnormally dark skin. Most of these factors are harmless and won’t affect our physical health, but they may have a bad influence on our state of mind. In today’s society, when appearance is valued highly, pigmentation, particularly on highly visible places like the face, may be a devastating blow to one’s self-esteem. Scientific evidence supports this claim. The existence of a medical disease, like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), melanoma, a hemangioma, or an adverse treatment response, may be indicated by hyperpigmentation in rare cases.

What Advantage Does the Pico Laser Have Over Conventional Lasers?

In the past, Q-switched lasers, Nd: YAG lasers, etc. were utilized to cure pigmentation; however, with the advent of pico lasers, this technology has been updated. Treatment with a pulsed laser involves sending short bursts of energy to skin patches with hyperpigmentation, for a total period that is less than the skin’s thermal relaxation time. In order to reduce the risk of thermally-induced tissue injury, we use brief pulses. Light is converted into heat by the pigment particles, which causes the particles to swell. To disperse the pigment particles, the photoacoustic effect generates sound waves that smash them. After they have been broken down, the lymphatic system will naturally flush them out.

When Should We  Use Pico Lasers In Singapore?

However, Pico laser isn’t a magic bullet for all skin issues. If you’re in Singapore and trying to decide between many potential skin whitening treatment choices, it’s best to see a medical professional for advice. When other treatments, such as topical or oral drugs, or some laser technologies, have failed, a Pico laser may be used.

In most cases, the Pico laser can successfully diminish pigmentation and provide improved outcomes when used to remove tattoos. The evidence available at present suggests that Pico lasers, in comparison to earlier analogues, are more effective in removing foreign pigment. Pico laser therapy is able to eliminate even the most stubborn of pigments since the wavelength may be tailored to the specific color being targeted. They’re also prescribed for hyperpigmentation conditions, including birthmarks, naevi, and freckles. It is debatable, however, whether laser therapy for melasma is effective in the long run. It will alleviate symptoms in the short term, but it won’t treat the underlying issue. Therefore, it’s possible that it will happen again. Nonetheless, symptom management is excellent.

As an added bonus, laser treatment is effective and produces visible improvements rapidly. Each treatment session just takes around 10 minutes, so you can squeeze them in wherever you have a few spare minutes. Once again, laser therapy will make things much simpler for these folks.

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