In the latest keratin care

Keratin care is the latest hair treatment in the market and is being used by men and women throughout the world. This straightener has taken the appearance of hair care to a completely new level and has made what seems relatively impossible a few years ago, maybe. With this latest treatment, you can treat and repair damage caused by your hair for years only in one treatment. Keratin Brazil is the treatment that, although it takes time to apply, will last up to a month and unlike other hair care, he repaired your hair from the root, instead of covering damage.

However, what is this treatment actually and how it works?

Brazilian keratin care is a treatment that uses something produced by your body to take care of your hair. Keratin is a protein that is naturally produced by the body and can be found in your hair, skin, and nails. These proteins are found on the skin, hair, and nails because it is there to function as a protective layer of elements that are usually found in the environment.

Therefore keratin treatment is made from keratin itself and when this treatment is added to your hair, you really add another layer for it. In other words, you will replace the protein that your hair has lost for years with one of good care. Care is a revolutionary straightener designed for women of all credo and race and it will provide the same straightforward and protective results all the time.

To apply this product to your hair, your hairdresser will first wash your hair. Hair washedness to ensure that the treatment enveloped and entered each hair strand. After the shampooing process, keratin treatment will be added so hair is also beaten. Treatment will then be left in your hair for 20 minutes and at the end of 20 minutes, your hair will blow back. This second drying is ensuring that care is applied perfectly and is perfectly arranged into your hair. Your hair will then be straightened with iron to ensure full perfection. The overall care process with Brazilian keratin will take about three hours but three hours so you won’t regret it.

Is Brazilian keratin treatment for you?

As mentioned earlier, this treatment is designed for women from every background that might have problems keeping their hair straight; However, for the first four days after your hair has been treated, there are a number of rules you need to obey. First, you can’t get your hair wet until four days after it’s been treated. This means that if you spend more time exercising than you do something else, this treatment is not for you.

With this hair straightener, you are expected to keep your hair straight for days; Therefore, there is no pigtail, no behind your ears, and there are no of your sunglasses on your head.

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