Here are Three Sugar Alternatives For Better Health

 As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and licensed primary care physician, who already has a long and storied career under her belt, Dr. Juli Mazi has had the pleasure of witnessing so many people truly heal over the years. From a young age, she cared very deeply about helping people take control over their own wellbeing, living life to the fullest, in the healthiest and most natural ways possible.

Case in point: sugar. Cutting sugar out from the diet brings with it a wide range of different advantages – such as an almost instant energy boost, improvement in weight management, and a positive impact on mood and mental clarity. When most people think about eliminating sugar completely, however, they balk at the idea because of how ubiquitous it is in the foods we eat. However, doing so is actually a lot more straightforward than most people realize – particularly for those who embrace a few key sugar alternatives along the way.

The Alternatives to Sugar To Know About: Breaking Things Down

One area of life that a lot of people cherish has to do with the sugar they add to that delicious cup of coffee every morning. Some people can’t drink their coffee without it. Thankfully, Stevia is a more than viable natural sweetener that helps accomplish the exact same thing in a far healthier way. Not only is a natural sweetener like Stevia better, since it contains no sugar, but it also contains far fewer calories than regular sugar and is actually sweeter, too. Yes, it’s true that some people can tell the difference in terms of taste, but it’s often so slight that people can easily acclimate.

Another great sugar alternative is Monkfruit. Although monkfruit contains a small amount of natural sugar, it’s sweetness actually comes from it’s antioxidants, which make it 150-200 times sweeter than sugar.  Substituting monkfruit can taste just like sugar, and because of it’s sweetness, not much is necessary to achieve the same level of sweetness, which dramatically reduces the actual sugar content.

Last but not least, another sugar alternative loved by many is honey. As the name suggests, honey is made by honeybees and in truth, it’s something that a lot of people are already very familiar with. As a healthier alternative to sugar (in moderation, of course), honey also offers a number of medicinal qualities.  For example, it contains a multitude of nutrients, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal.  Honey is used in many formulas for wound healing, sore throats, respiratory soothing, reducing seasonal allergies and promoting healthy skin.  In general, honey tends to be sweeter than sugar, so less of it is required as a substitute in recipes.

These are just a few of the many sugar alternatives that are out there. People are always encouraged to experiment until they find the one that is the best fit for their own tastes and preferences.

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